0 to 1 innovation.

Lindy Labs

. . . an R&D company conducting

We work with some of the brightest, most passionate minds in the space.

. . . An intellectually diverse group of experienced builders who complement each other.

We build. We conduct formal verification.

No copies, only innovation.

Creativity is valued. We carve out our own space in the ecosystem.

Model-driven decision
making process

Every decision is backed by
data, real or simulated.

Independence from  
t = 0

At Lindy Labs you are in charge of your microcosmos from day 1.

Is there a vacuum that could be filled with a specialized tool or full-fleged protocol?

Assemble a work group & build it together.

Salary-centric incentive models are obsolete.

Make it.

Own it.


Recognized for their ingenuity
and elegance, our projects
have gone on to become new
primitives in the space.



🔗 sandclock.org

Sandclock is a user-programmable yield optimizer. By splitting principal from yield and allowing users to subdivide either of them to create their own strategies, we unlock the programmability of capital. The design space is infinite: from custom third parties, investments into DCA vaults, treasury management, to zero-loss donations/subscription services, providing liquidity to formerly illiquid assets.



🔗 auraprotocol.com

Aura is a generalized credit protocol on Starknet, leveraging state of the art adaptive control theory for increased capital efficiency and to ensure the solvency of its synthetic assets. Aura will launch an overcollateralized stablecoin and CPI with a corresponding Savings product that doubles as a liquidation pool, the protocol’s last line of defense against insolvency.